Truth about Moms

In marketing, we sometimes make the mistake of talking about moms in overly emotional terms. In truth, they are smart, economically savvy women who are leading technology usage, expertly trading in the currencies of advice and ideas, and realigning the values of the next generation. And yet communication aimed at moms can be riddled with clich├ęs; genuine originality in this space is in short supply.

The media discourse around moms often casts them as the victim and emphasises the stress, pressure, necessary compromises and occasional failings. Whilst the majority of moms would agree that being a mother brings considerable challenges, it is important to celebrate the successes and leadership of modern moms. Our research uncovered a global group of Smart Moms who are taking control of technology, arming themselves with information and becoming more comfortable with integrating the separate spheres of work, family and self.

In the Truth About Moms we aimed to uncover some new ways of thinking about moms and inspire new ways of communicating with this powerful demographic.

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